Our consulting division consists of individuals with many years of experience in improving business. With today’s economic landscape changing constantly, and the diversity being adopted by businesses, competition is inevitable. Our team help organizations discover their competitive advantage and align business operations to goals and target operating models set out in strategy sessions.

One of our primary focus areas is process identification and optimization. Our consultants unpack the processes within an organization and identify areas for process optimization. This could be with simple streamlining of the existing processes, or bringing in technology to help compliment the process and business.


Business Analysis

Through the strategic visions of senior management, processes of change are implemented, with aims to review, optimise and re-engineer business structures, processes and technology to serve strategic goals.

Business Process Optimization

VM Consulting with technology as our key enabler can redesign and optimise end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks, lowering costs and increase quality of service

Business Process Identification

Gaining a full understanding of all the steps in a process, to improving business is the first item on the agenda for executives.

We  help your organization optimise its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

Strategic Consulting

VM Consulting works with companies in every industry to develop strategies, turning each unique client’s strategy into action with significant results. Helping you get ahead of change and close the gap between analysis and results.


Custom Development

Our team consists of experienced developers with elevating degrees of specialisation, enabling us to help clients quickly and effectively regardless of their development requirements.

We offer custom application development and full life-cycle design for a range of platforms, architectures, technologies and devices. Our in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology enables us to design solutions to suite the clients individual business needs. Creating a solution that enhances and optimizes specific business requirements.


Web Application Development

We offer custom application and full life cycle designs for a range of platforms, architectures, technologies and devices. Our in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology enables us to design solutions to suite our client’s individual business needs. Whether it is an existing solution that needs enhancing or a new solution requirement, let us help your organisation and yourself take control of your digital needs.


Self Service Portals

EMPOWER end users with INTEGRATED self service portals!

Self service portals, allow you to provide your customers, clients, suppliers and members with a highly personalized intuitive, interactive self service web application. By utilising web and mobile channels, customers have easy access to information thereby driving engagement and visibility. Self service portals allow you to go beyond the call centre and mail requests, whilst showing end-users the best way to solve their issues.


Mobile Applications

Mobile computing is the buzz, if you want your business to function efficiently, MOBILITY is the answer. Connect to critical business processes, and empower your users and customers with instant access to business operations.


  • Data Access  Portability
  • Portability
  • Availability
  • Real time context Sharing
  • Systems Independence




VM Consulting specializes in bringing together components within your organization. With the aid of technology we ensure your systems function together creating one unified unit.

We have moved clients from SharePoint to M-Files, integrated M-Files with SAP, Pastel Evolution and a number of other SQL based solutions.

We have a team of M-Files developers who focus on building customised self- service portals that integrate directly into M- Files, and automating processes in M-Files that send SMS notifications to customers updating them on the status of their application forms.

With a solution such as M-Files, we are able to provide you with a next generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. M-Files breaks down silos by delivering an in-context experience for accessing and leveraging information that resides in any system and repository, including network folders, SharePoint, file sharing services, ECM systems and Content Services Platforms, CRM, ERP and other business systems and repositories.

Intelligent information management is easy, dynamic and smart, and M-Files is leading the way! Sounds interesting?

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