By Use Case

Case Management

Case management unites content, processes and people for better, faster, smarter decisions. A Case Management application is the best place to deliver employee empowerment and transform customer service, delivering benefits to all three stakeholders in the customer relationship, the customer, the business and the employee.

Debt Collection

TDebturn paper to paperless in debt collections using document management. M-Files for debtor management provides advanced features that effectively manages all documents, emails, faxes, and electronic files in the collections agency or department.

Contract Management

Case Management 1your organization’s contracts the smart way with M-Files, the only complete document management solution that provides a true metadata-driven architecture, including secure metadata-driven access permissions and metadata-driven archiving. 

Human Resources

HRM-Files is one simple, yet powerful solution for all your HR processes!

Companies of every size face challenges related to developing and managing human resources, and specifically, how to efficiently manage employee records and the onboarding process.

To compound this challenge, HR teams typically generate and receive a significant volume of records. And because the laws are complex and demanding, employers struggle with ways to effectively secure and manage all this information.

ISO Document Control

ISOImprove manufacturing quality and productivity

Ideal for ensuring manufacturing quality, M-Files helps you bring better products to market – faster. Used in production manufacturing environments, M-Files document, content and quality management solutions help you organize, manage and track important documents, information and processes, including technical documents, like specifications and plans, project documentation, drawings and CAD files, review/approval and change order processes, and more.

Vendor Management

Vendor Vendor Management is a strategic process that is dedicated to the sourcing and management of supplier relationships so that:


Suppliers are a key component to many businesses, however businesses are faced with many challenges in regards to vendor management.

Project Management

Project Planning, organizing and managing project resources and processes can be daunting and overwhelming. With M-Files, it’s easy to define simple rules for content visibility, task deadlines and ownership – which is why project management is one of the most prevalent M-Files customer use cases.