How compliant is your Information?

compilant information

Whatever your business, whether you are in the Insurance, Finance, Medical, Manufacturing or Legal sectors, to name a few! M-Files adds immense value to your organisation by storing information, documents, content and automating processes.

The team from VM Consulting have now taken this a step further, as we help your business become more compliant in your day to day operations.

We ask the right people, the right questions!

Our unique frameworks and dashboards can show you how compliant your data is , for example, your:

  • Clients!
  • Employee Files!
  • Employee Certifications!
  • Suppliers!
  • Contracts!
  • Business Units!

A use case in the Insurance Industry :

If you are in the Insurance Industry wouldn’t it make life easier to look at a Policy and quickly see:

  • How compliant is the Policy as a graphical percentage?
  • What is missing?

And then let us not forget about POPI or POPIA, (Protection of Public Information Act). Protecting the information, ensuring the right eyes see the right information is key to our approach as well.

Let us help you, help your business!

About Vanessa

VanessaVanessa has over 20 years’ experience in content & document management, information management, business process management and knowledge management. During the course of her career she has assisted many organisations.

Vanessa has lead her company into the 21st century with the M-Files solution and in 2016 VM Consulting became M-Files Gold Partners and were awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment to M-Files at the EMEA Partner Conference. Vanessa is passionate about the M-Files solution and bringing solutions that work to businesses within South Africa and Africa.