How many Christmas Trees do you have in your office store rooms?

christmas tree

So last week I was conducting a couple of site visits with a new M-Files client in South Africa, which has multiple offices and locations around the country.

The aim was to get a feel for how different people within this national company work with their existing systems, documents and processes so we can align M-Files into their business seamlessly – just part of our consulting service.

One thing that amazes me on these site visits is how many Christmas Trees we find hiding in store rooms, filing rooms and cabinets. We go looking for documents and find Christmas Trees, go figure!

Let us help you find your Christmas Trees and in the process bring the Magic of M-files to your business.

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About Vanessa

VanessaVanessa has over 20 years’ experience in content & document management, information management, business process management and knowledge management. During the course of her career she has assisted many organisations.

Vanessa has lead her company into the 21st century with the M-Files solution and in 2016 VM Consulting became M-Files Gold Partners and were awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment to M-Files at the EMEA Partner Conference. Vanessa is passionate about the M-Files solution and bringing solutions that work to businesses within South Africa and Africa.