HR & The Black Hole

By Vanessa Miller

hr new

I have had the privilege of working with many organizations around South Africa and over the years have been called in to assist a number of HR departments.

As you can probably guess, HR is a typical paper intensive department, with lots of documents, files, processes and information.  The business and teams the HR departments serve are very different, from telecoms, insurance, manufacturing, to retail. You name it every  business has people; every business has some need of managing the information documents and processes associated with their people.

But one thing many HR departments seem to have in common, is the Black Hole.

That hole which seems to swallow up a specific document about an individual, at the most inappropriate time.

From missing employment contracts, copies of ID’s or even evidence of a disciplinary matter, this information seems to disappear from time to time into an abyss, the twilight zone or a black hole.

Corporate  and large companies are all coming up with audit findings, and they all seem to have the same theme :

  • Missing Employee records.
  • Missing critical documents within an Employees File.
  • Uncontrolled access to Employee documents.
  • Haphazard processes surrounding HR functions.

So what corrective action do companies put in place to mitigate the risk of an audit finding continuing year on year?

Well there are a couple of options, but the most important one is to get your processes sorted and then align yourself with an intelligent solution that is proven to work in this space.

Let us help you seal the black hole within your HR department before it is too late!