M-Files unveils search usability and mobile app improvements in 2015.3.

VM Consulting, an M-Files Gold partner is pleased to announce the immediate availability of M-Files 2015.3. M-Files unveils search, usability and mobile app improvements in the latest release of Information Management Solution. M-Files released the following press statement on the 20 October, 2016  :

DALLAS, TX, October 20, 2016: M-Files Corporation, a provider of solutions that leverage a unique metadata-based approach to dramatically improve how businesses manage documents and other information, today announced the immediate availability of M-Files 2015.3.

M-Files 2015.3 offers a variety of new search features and enhancements to increase performance, productivity and efficiency. Users can now conduct searches across multiple M-Files vaults, and M Files 2015.3 also provides easier refinement of searches with search facets. In addition, the latest edition of M Files includes multiple metadata card configurability enhancements as well as usability improvements.

M-Files 2015.3 also features the ability to add hand-written signatures to PDF documents from the M-Files mobile app for iOS and Android. Adding and viewing annotations and redlining is also now supported in the iOS mobile app, which is an efficient and visual way to comment and provide input on co-authored documents while keeping the original document intact.