Maximize your M-Files Solution with M-Files Reporting


M-Files is one of the most powerful and user friendly Information Management Solutions available today. And this is not just coming from me, the analysts are giving the solution rave reviews all over the world. From Gartner to Nucleus, M-Files is coming up tops.

M-Files provides organisations with the ability to easily manage information. Whether it is data, documents, content or process information, the M-Files solution ticks all the boxes and brings to a business control through visibility.

So how do we take this to another level, well here at VM Consulting we have been extending our clients M-Files solutions with the M-Files Reporting Module. This tool provides an organisation with insight into the information stored within the M-Files database, as well as data stored outside of M-Files.

Imagine being able to get your fingers on custom :

  • Exception Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Sales Pipeline Reports
  • Performance Reports

One client even manages their entire debt collecting process using M-Files reports.

So how can you take advantage of M-Files Reporting. First thing you need to purchase M-Files to manage your information, and then M-Files Reporting Module can be added to this.

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About Vanessa

VanessaVanessa has over 20 years’ experience in content & document management, information management, business process management and knowledge management. During the course of her career she has assisted many organisations.

Vanessa has lead her company into the 21st century with the M-Files solution and in 2016 VM Consulting became M-Files Gold Partners and were awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment to M-Files at the EMEA Partner Conference. Vanessa is passionate about the M-Files solution and bringing solutions that work to businesses within South Africa and Africa.