M-Files named a “Leader” in the 2019 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

VM Consulting, an M-Files Gold partner, Distributor and Solution Provider in South Africa is pleased to announce M-Files has been named a “Leader” in the 2019 Nucleus Research Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), for the sixth consecutive year.

2019 nucleusDALLAS – April 10, 2019 – M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced it has been named a “Leader” in the 2019 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This marks the sixth consecutive year that M-Files has achieved Leader status, as the company continues to distance itself from competitors as the ECM sector front runner with the highest recognition for functionality.

Nucleus Research evaluates Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providers on two core criteria – usability and functionality, as determined by analysis of interviews with end users and ongoing research by the firm. The 2019 report included reviews of 17 vendors and placed them in quadrants based on how Nucleus Research assessed them as Leaders, Experts, Facilitators and Core Providers.

“This year, key forces driving the M-Files Leader designation were strong technology, user-centric functionality and robust usability,” said Barbara Peck, analyst for Nucleus Research. “With its vision of a metadata-driven, repository neutral and AI-powered platform, M-Files offers distinction in the marketplace. New innovations such as M-Files Smart Search, an intelligent cloud service for multi-repository search available later this year, demonstrate a visionary road-map for the company. Nucleus expects that M-Files, with its core strengths of functionality and usability, will continue to set the standards for content management in the near future.”

As a leader, M-Files was acknowledged by Nucleus Research for its user-centric road-map for the future and continued heavy R&D investment for performance improvement, platform development, and vertical solutions. The value matrix also affirmed the uniqueness of the M-Files solution which offers the same licensure for on-premises and cloud deployments, eliminating financial obstacles when transitioning to the cloud.

Furthermore, Nucleus Research recognized M-Files for prioritizing data security, with robust features such as access control and permissions, automated audit trails, federated authentication, data encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection and data loss prevention.

“At M-Files, we’ve pioneered a new approach to ECM called Intelligent Information Management and it has clearly cemented our leadership positioning in this sector,” said Greg Milliken, senior vice president of marketing at M-Files. “Driven by metadata, documents are automatically indexed and organized by type to establish relevance and context when searching for information in M-Files or other repositories and business systems. Our Intelligent Metadata Layer that brings all disconnected silos together, along with AI-powered content analysis, which provides ‘content in context,’ deliver new, heightened levels of usability and functionality that offer key differentiation.”

To view the full 2019 Nucleus Research Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management report, please visit here. For more information on M-Files, please visit:


HR & The Black Hole

By Vanessa Miller

hr new

I have had the privilege of working with many organizations around South Africa and over the years have been called in to assist a number of HR departments.

As you can probably guess, HR is a typical paper intensive department, with lots of documents, files, processes and information.  The business and teams the HR departments serve are very different, from telecoms, insurance, manufacturing, to retail. You name it every  business has people; every business has some need of managing the information documents and processes associated with their people.

But one thing many HR departments seem to have in common, is the Black Hole.

That hole which seems to swallow up a specific document about an individual, at the most inappropriate time.

From missing employment contracts, copies of ID’s or even evidence of a disciplinary matter, this information seems to disappear from time to time into an abyss, the twilight zone or a black hole.

Corporate  and large companies are all coming up with audit findings, and they all seem to have the same theme :

  • Missing Employee records.
  • Missing critical documents within an Employees File.
  • Uncontrolled access to Employee documents.
  • Haphazard processes surrounding HR functions.

So what corrective action do companies put in place to mitigate the risk of an audit finding continuing year on year?

Well there are a couple of options, but the most important one is to get your processes sorted and then align yourself with an intelligent solution that is proven to work in this space.

Let us help you seal the black hole within your HR department before it is too late!

My personal journey towards M-Files, 18 years in the making.

By Vanessa Miller

Many people ask me how I know M-Files is the right solution for my clients and my business? The answer is simple……. It all boils down to years of experience, and finding the right solution at the right time.

Let me start from the beginning.

My Passion for document management started back in 1998. One of my first projects I was mandated to do was while consulting for a government office. They were wanting to implement an existing document repository they had purchased years before across other areas of their business and I was tasked with the project. Before I knew it, the chaos of Y2K started to sweep across businesses and my small project was not immune to the temptation of being replaced with something that had a better date format… So my client handed me a new mandate, go out and find us something that is better than what we have. They wanted a document management and a workflow solution, oh and it needed to be implemented before the clock struck midnight on the 31 December 1999…

So what does a girl do when looking for a solution for a government office? ….Draw up a user requirements document and go out to tender, that’s what.

This is where I realized I enjoyed learning about the challenges in a business and coming up with ideas to solve those business challenges.

As part of the evaluation criteria, we wanted to test the different solutions in the market. My true passion for business solutions was born… I was able to test apples against apples and soon realized the area of document management was such a diverse market. I not only enjoyed testing the solutions, but equally enjoyed unpacking the document, content and process requirements for my client and coming up with different design frameworks for them… What made it more enjoyable was the fact that I had a knack for it too.

So the successful solution we implemented at the time was iManage… (Remember all those years back, M-Files was not even born yet).

The iManage solution was rated as one of the leaders in the ECM space and 18 years ago I truly believed it was the best ECM solution on the market. My relationship with iManage lasted many years and I became an iManage partner and saw them go through the iManage – Interwoven name changes more than once… But like many good solutions of that time, they took their foot off the R&D pedal a little and we started to see other solutions hitting the market place. In addition, we have to remember those early ECM solutions also came with a great price tag too, and their target market was the enterprise.

So about 6 years ago, my team and I agreed that we needed to start looking for another ECM solution we could bring to market. I must admit we stumbled onto the M-Files solution by accident.

One of my sales consultants had been asked by a client to find a document management solution that allowed users to store documents in folders…. He did a search and came across an article of folder vs folderless storage, where M-Files was promoting a folderless storage option. The poor soul had no idea what he had stumbled upon, but as soon as I realized what he was looking at, I knew he had hit a gem.

We got our hands on a trial version of M-Files, remember this was 6 years ago and M-Files was by no means as slick as it is now, but the solution just made sense. It was object based and allowed you to store document and content by metadata… Even back then they had the right approach from the start. It was simple to use, it was cost effective and it was a solution that would fit into the South African landscape with ease.

We had found just what we were looking for!

So began our journey into becoming partners with M-Files. At first I thought the solution would be a perfect fit for our smaller clients. But as the solution started to mature, it became very evident that M-Files was not just for the small business, but it was starting to be a major contender for the enterprise. At this point we cut ties with other ECM solutions and we totally aligned our business to M-Files and it became our sole solution in the ECM, DMS and information management space. We even implemented it internally so we could practice what we preached.

VM Consulting have invested in the M-Files solution and we believe the solution is going to be one of the biggest shakers in the ECM and EIM space in South Africa as well as the world during the next 2 years. As part of our investment into the solution, we have trained and certified M-Files specialists, administrators and support teams.

As recognition for all our hard work over the past couple of years, the team from VM Consulting were awarded the M-Files Partner Award for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment, this year in Nice, France.

As part of our journey, over the course of the past couple of months we have been awarded one of the largest M-Files customers in the world – which is also one of the largest ECM clients in South Africa. We have moved clients from SharePoint to M-Files, integrated M-Files with SAP, Pastel Evolution and a number of other SQL based solutions… Awesome custom development and self- service portals integrating directly into M- Files…  Oh and let’s not forget automating processes in M-Files that send SMS notifications to customers updating them of a status of their application forms.

So as you can see, it has been one hell of a journey, but one that has been well worth the ride…. I look forward to many great adventures with M-Files and if some of the sneak peaks I have seen from their product development team are anything to go by, M-Files are seriously going to rock this world in 2017.

Our doors are open to show you the magic of M-Files. Let VM Consulting help you bring M-Files to your business and even to your clients.

Consulting – Something to be taken seriously.

By Vanessa Miller

ConsultingThe term consultant is thrown around business today, as loosely as a pair of nickers being thrown onto the stage at a Rolling Stones Concert our parents may have attended in the hippie era.

Every second person in SA you chat to nowadays, will tell you they are a consultant. If we look back however 20 years or so, a consultant was seen as a specialist, someone you called in when you were in trouble or needed help in a specialized area. I will never forget working on an ECM project in Johannesburg (Remember – I am from Durban) about  15 years ago and the client project champion turned to me and said, “they will listen to you, you are a consultant and have arrived on a plane from Durban”.  I would like to consider ourselves good old fashion consultants. Our team are focused specialists in ECM, BPM, Process Identification, Process Optimization and Management Consulting. Consultingimage