HR – The Last Digital Frontier.

HR BlogOrganizations are growing daily and employees come and go, while new technologies are being adopted across the business landscape.

But how many HR departments are still full of paper? From paper based Employee Files, to the manual pink leave form, HR departments are often the forgotten abyss when it comes to digital transformation.

Some HR practitioners prefer the site of paper, as they think they have control of it and shuffling paper “makes me look busy”… But the reality is, paper is more of a black hole than many realize.

Then we come to the conversation of the complete 360 degree view of an employee. This is often a dream for many HR teams, but the reality of making this happen seems to be too big for many HR and IT Departments to embark on, with  HR being sidelined.

Whether you are an HR Practitioner, part of the Payroll team or steering the employee with learning and development, all these HR Practices seem to be at the bottom of the technology priority list.

Your time is now!

Let’s take the baby steps required and start with:

  • Ensuring we have a single Master Employee Record.
  • Let’s turn paper into digital artifacts and do away with the manual employee files.
  • Let’s reuse the same information and data, and not duplicate or even triplicate copies of documents or information across the same department, let alone the same business.
  • Let’s get control through visibility.

Once we have some of these small steps in place, totally automating processes, case management, creating electronic forms and integrating with multiple data stores is not that far off.

Artificial Intelligence is then not pie in the sky stuff, but closer to being a reality than you think.

Learn more about how we are assisting HR departments here in a South Africa, with the power of M-Files.

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VanessaVanessa has over 20 years’ experience in content & document management, information management, business process management and knowledge management. During the course of her career she has assisted many organisations.

Vanessa has lead her company into the 21st century with the M-Files solution and in 2016 VM Consulting became M-Files Gold Partners and were awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment to M-Files at the EMEA Partner Conference. Vanessa is passionate about the M-Files solution and bringing solutions that work to businesses within South Africa and Africa.