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insurance 2019 2Today’s Insurers and Insurance Brokers continue to face market changes, and constant challenges. Whether it be customers’ expectations or how the organization obtains and utilizes their information.

How would you feel if we said we have the solution to help you with these changes?

What if you could have the right information, in the right place, at the right time? Finding what you need instantly and freeing up more hours in your work day.

Our solution does just this, eliminating the greatest barrier to an insurer’s success – the siloed nature of the organization. This is what detracts from the customer experience, leaving customer needs unmet, frustrated agents, and causes process problems.

With a 360 degree view of the client and policy, all tasks pertaining to a client and their policy, from claims tracking, endorsements to renewals are visible and can be monitored during the full life-cycle of a policy.

In addition the enhanced visibility into Claims, enables all tasks pertaining to a claim, from processing the claims application, to the approval or rejection, including any legal action taken, to be visible and monitored during the claim’s life-cycle.

Oh, and let’s not forget all instantly available at a click of a button.

Why not acquire the necessary advantage, implement the right solution and gain the visibility your organization requires?

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Claims Handling Made Simpler


In the after math of the vicious storms that rocked Johannesburg and Durban this week, Insurance Brokers, insurers, assessors and claims handlers are going to be working at full tilt to assist in processing claims quickly and efficiently.

In chatting with friends and clients in this sector yesterday, the calls for insurance assistance were coming in from the south of Durban before the north of Durban had been hit by the storm. Submerged vehicles and flooded homes were the immediate calls for help.

But today even more calls and claims will start to come through as business and home owners assess the damage.

In times like these Insurance Brokers need the right solutions in place to ensure visibility on every claim coming in. Whether you have the mandate to settle claims or are just acting as a “post office” between the client and the Insurance House, insurance brokers need to manage the claim case.

Our solutions give this visibility to an insurance broker, providing them with a case management solution that gives them the ability to create a claims case against a policy, save content to the claim, and manage the process through workflow. Let’s not forget automatically feeding back to the policy holder via SMS on the status of the claim if they need.

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Record number of insurance claims in Durban.

By Vanessa Miller

Vanessa MillerLast week Durban was hit by the worst rain and flooding in over 20 years. The damage to property, households and even vehicles was extensive, with many families still coming to terms with the fact their family homes have been totally demolished and they have to start from scratch.

In all the horror of the past couple of days, one thing stood out for me…The sheer fact that the Durban and South African community came together to help. Neighbours were helping neighbours… Strangers were helping strangers… In all the turmoil, Durban was at peace with itself.

I too was a victim, on a very minor level compared to others. A couple of boundary walls took a wobble, and some flooding in our outside room, saw us have a visit from an Insurance Assessor this weekend. I was expecting a tall well – built man, with muscles to come and inspect my property, and was pleasantly surprised to have a short, friendly lady arrive at our front door… She was absolutely super, chatting as she went, taking the necessary measurements and assessing the damage. She had left her family in Joburg shortly after the Durban floods had hit, and headed down to Durban to help her fellow assessors, who knew that trying to cope with all the assessments was a task beyond their control.

Processing of the claims is now in the hands of the insurance companies, and they have a mammoth task on their hands.

I chatted to one of my Insurance clients Kayser Baird Insurance Brokers this morning, and they mentioned they had processed their largest weekly volume of claims ever last week.

Kayser Baird has been an M-Files user for a number of years and this enables them to manage an unexpected volume of claims with a high degree of control, without compromising on service levels or time allocated to individual claims. Their customers are kept updated with progress on their claims and the claims handling staff are able to stay in touch with individual claims despite the high volumes, because of the advanced workflow and diary system delivered by the M-Files solution.

The team from VM Consulting implemented the M-files solution with Kayser Baird over 4 years ago. M-Files has become fully entrenched in their business, managing every aspect of the insurance life cycle from quoting new clients to processing claims and everything in between. M-Files enables Kayser Baird to operate in an almost paperless environments, as well as manage processes and workflows for dozens of business and client processes. M-Files has enabled Kayser Baird to increase its competitive edge in a highly competitive industry.

To all my fellow Durbanites, the rain may have hit us hard, but our spirit is strong.

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