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M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, has made Microsoft Office 365 the single point of access to all Enterprise Information.

The M-Files AI-powered intelligent information management platform simplifies daily work and drives user adoption by enabling access to external repositories and systems from directly within Microsoft Office 365.

On July the 1, 2019 – Dallas – M-Files Corporation, announced the general availability of significant enhancements to its Microsoft Office 365 solutions. M-Files now seamlessly integrates within the familiar user interfaces of Microsoft SharePoint Online, Outlook and Teams, providing easy access to out-of-the-box document management, compliance and governance features via the user interface.

From directly within Microsoft SharePoint Online, Outlook and Teams, M-Files provides direct access to enterprise data stored in a variety of external repositories and line of business applications, such as on-premises file shares, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Server, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, legacy ECM systems, such as OpenText, CRM and ERP applications, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, all without needing to migrate any data. Users can now access this data directly via the Microsoft SharePoint Online, Outlook and Teams user interfaces instead of toggling between these Office 365 apps and other applications. In addition to this new level of unified access to information spread across the enterprise, M-Files offers a full set of purpose-built content services, including cloud and on-premises repositories, version history, security, workflows, electronic signatures, compliance support and more.

M-Files also employs artificial intelligence to automatically analyze documents to classify them, extract information insights and ensure proper handling of sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), as required by regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Modern AI-powered features, including auto tagging and auto classification, create deep insights into the meaning, value and sensitivity of documents and other information, guiding users and automating processes to maintain governance and compliance.

With the new integrated solutions, Microsoft Office 365 users benefit from the metadata-driven architecture of M-Files that allows content to be automatically and dynamically secured and accessed in the right context, regardless of where it’s stored. For example, the corporate legal team can access the latest version of an agreement through the case folder in Outlook, while the project team has access to the same file through a project team site in SharePoint, and the customer success team can access the agreement via the Agreements channel in Teams. Access to content is authorized via single sign-on to Azure AD, and documents are automatically secured based on their metadata.

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Insurance – Do you have the visibility?

insurance 2019 2Today’s Insurers and Insurance Brokers continue to face market changes, and constant challenges. Whether it be customers’ expectations or how the organization obtains and utilizes their information.

How would you feel if we said we have the solution to help you with these changes?

What if you could have the right information, in the right place, at the right time? Finding what you need instantly and freeing up more hours in your work day.

Our solution does just this, eliminating the greatest barrier to an insurer’s success – the siloed nature of the organization. This is what detracts from the customer experience, leaving customer needs unmet, frustrated agents, and causes process problems.

With a 360 degree view of the client and policy, all tasks pertaining to a client and their policy, from claims tracking, endorsements to renewals are visible and can be monitored during the full life-cycle of a policy.

In addition the enhanced visibility into Claims, enables all tasks pertaining to a claim, from processing the claims application, to the approval or rejection, including any legal action taken, to be visible and monitored during the claim’s life-cycle.

Oh, and let’s not forget all instantly available at a click of a button.

Why not acquire the necessary advantage, implement the right solution and gain the visibility your organization requires?

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M-Files named a “Leader” in the 2019 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

VM Consulting, an M-Files Gold partner, Distributor and Solution Provider in South Africa is pleased to announce M-Files has been named a “Leader” in the 2019 Nucleus Research Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), for the sixth consecutive year.

2019 nucleusDALLAS – April 10, 2019 – M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced it has been named a “Leader” in the 2019 Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This marks the sixth consecutive year that M-Files has achieved Leader status, as the company continues to distance itself from competitors as the ECM sector front runner with the highest recognition for functionality.

Nucleus Research evaluates Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providers on two core criteria – usability and functionality, as determined by analysis of interviews with end users and ongoing research by the firm. The 2019 report included reviews of 17 vendors and placed them in quadrants based on how Nucleus Research assessed them as Leaders, Experts, Facilitators and Core Providers.

“This year, key forces driving the M-Files Leader designation were strong technology, user-centric functionality and robust usability,” said Barbara Peck, analyst for Nucleus Research. “With its vision of a metadata-driven, repository neutral and AI-powered platform, M-Files offers distinction in the marketplace. New innovations such as M-Files Smart Search, an intelligent cloud service for multi-repository search available later this year, demonstrate a visionary road-map for the company. Nucleus expects that M-Files, with its core strengths of functionality and usability, will continue to set the standards for content management in the near future.”

As a leader, M-Files was acknowledged by Nucleus Research for its user-centric road-map for the future and continued heavy R&D investment for performance improvement, platform development, and vertical solutions. The value matrix also affirmed the uniqueness of the M-Files solution which offers the same licensure for on-premises and cloud deployments, eliminating financial obstacles when transitioning to the cloud.

Furthermore, Nucleus Research recognized M-Files for prioritizing data security, with robust features such as access control and permissions, automated audit trails, federated authentication, data encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection and data loss prevention.

“At M-Files, we’ve pioneered a new approach to ECM called Intelligent Information Management and it has clearly cemented our leadership positioning in this sector,” said Greg Milliken, senior vice president of marketing at M-Files. “Driven by metadata, documents are automatically indexed and organized by type to establish relevance and context when searching for information in M-Files or other repositories and business systems. Our Intelligent Metadata Layer that brings all disconnected silos together, along with AI-powered content analysis, which provides ‘content in context,’ deliver new, heightened levels of usability and functionality that offer key differentiation.”

To view the full 2019 Nucleus Research Value Matrix for Enterprise Content Management report, please visit here. For more information on M-Files, please visit:


Maximize your M-Files Solution with M-Files Reporting


M-Files is one of the most powerful and user friendly Information Management Solutions available today. And this is not just coming from me, the analysts are giving the solution rave reviews all over the world. From Gartner to Nucleus, M-Files is coming up tops.

M-Files provides organisations with the ability to easily manage information. Whether it is data, documents, content or process information, the M-Files solution ticks all the boxes and brings to a business control through visibility.

So how do we take this to another level, well here at VM Consulting we have been extending our clients M-Files solutions with the M-Files Reporting Module. This tool provides an organisation with insight into the information stored within the M-Files database, as well as data stored outside of M-Files.

Imagine being able to get your fingers on custom :

  • Exception Reports
  • Compliance Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Sales Pipeline Reports
  • Performance Reports

One client even manages their entire debt collecting process using M-Files reports.

So how can you take advantage of M-Files Reporting. First thing you need to purchase M-Files to manage your information, and then M-Files Reporting Module can be added to this.

Learn how to manage your information more effectively. Contact us today. 031 5643938, email: info@vmcs.co.za

About Vanessa

VanessaVanessa has over 20 years’ experience in content & document management, information management, business process management and knowledge management. During the course of her career she has assisted many organisations.

Vanessa has lead her company into the 21st century with the M-Files solution and in 2016 VM Consulting became M-Files Gold Partners and were awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment to M-Files at the EMEA Partner Conference. Vanessa is passionate about the M-Files solution and bringing solutions that work to businesses within South Africa and Africa.

M-Files Makes QMS Easy – Ensure Quality and Compliance with Effective Information Management


Companies that operate in highly regulated and frequently audited environments are often challenged with managing an ever-growing mountain of compliance documentation.

The stakes are high for these companies to ensure they are managing their compliance-related information in accordance with mandates, due to crippling fines and liability issues that can result from non-compliance. However, many companies still maintain manual processes for routing, filing and organizing compliance-critical documentation. These error-prone and time-consuming practices present a major risk and can easily compromise a company’s ability to meet  ISO 9001, PoPI Act  and other regulations and standards.

Given the high priority for regulatory compliance and the amount of documentation required to prove compliance, it is no longer practical to manage the content separately from compliance efforts. If compliance management teams are asking themselves the following questions, chances are their organization is at significant risk for non-compliance due to inadequate content management practices and procedures:

  • Where is the gatekeeper? Do compliance management processes slow or stop production when a key person is sick, on vacation or exiting the company?
  • Has everyone read the latest compliance-related communication? Is it difficult to get the accurate status about compliance-related tasks, procedures and workflows?
  • Are policies being followed and schedules being met? Who has visibility over the completion of the specified processes?
  • Where are the required signatures? How easy is it to locate the documents that verify the approval processes?
  • Have all of the audit issues been resolved? Are employees and managers barraged with repetitive reminder emails while the status of essential action items remain unclear to key stakeholders?
  • Is compliance slowing down the business? Is the organization at a competitive disadvantage because it takes a long time to adjust to the latest regulatory compliance requirements?

Find out more, download the eBook – Ensuring Quality and Compliance with Effective Information Management… QMS is easy with M-Files

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QMS is easy with M-Files…

Leveraging Information Management To Improve Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance-Recovered

Companies are Leveraging M-Files Information Management To Improve Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance.

Companies that produce products with rigorous quality requirements face numerous challenges associated with meeting quality objectives—ranging from the need to comply with quality standards (such as ISO 9001, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, CGMP and EU GMP Annex 11) to operating in highly-regulated and frequently audited environments.

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries can easily fall prey to quality issues without effective information controls as a core component of their quality management systems. The result can range from organizational inefficiencies and poorly allocated resources to negative brand perception, lost revenue and increased liability. Without a centralized and organization-wide approach to managing their content, companies leave themselves vulnerable because of the difficulty and complexity of managing critical and sensitive information and processes that affect quality and compliance. Establishing document and data control processes within a quality management framework improves manufacturing and production processes, enhances collaboration, better utilizes existing resources, and drives organizational efficiencies that affect a company’s bottom-line business objectives.

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How many Christmas Trees do you have in your office store rooms?

christmas tree

So last week I was conducting a couple of site visits with a new M-Files client in South Africa, which has multiple offices and locations around the country.

The aim was to get a feel for how different people within this national company work with their existing systems, documents and processes so we can align M-Files into their business seamlessly – just part of our consulting service.

One thing that amazes me on these site visits is how many Christmas Trees we find hiding in store rooms, filing rooms and cabinets. We go looking for documents and find Christmas Trees, go figure!

Let us help you find your Christmas Trees and in the process bring the Magic of M-files to your business.

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About Vanessa

VanessaVanessa has over 20 years’ experience in content & document management, information management, business process management and knowledge management. During the course of her career she has assisted many organisations.

Vanessa has lead her company into the 21st century with the M-Files solution and in 2016 VM Consulting became M-Files Gold Partners and were awarded for Outstanding Achievement in Commitment to M-Files at the EMEA Partner Conference. Vanessa is passionate about the M-Files solution and bringing solutions that work to businesses within South Africa and Africa.