Tips and Tricks

We have a number of Tips and Tricks to make your M-Files user experience easy. Work smarter with M-Files and ensure the efficiency and productivity of your team, no matter where they are.

Checking a Document IN and OUT of M-Files

05 October, 2020 In many organizations you find that a team working on the same document will be sitting with the document on their PC’s, and each team member with a different version of this document. How do we use M-Files to manage this, to make sure the right document is being updated and everyone has the same version of the document available? By checking the document out when updating the document and then checking the document back in once done. In M-Files locate your document, you can double click to ‘check out’ the document: The above popup will appear […]

Using Views in M-Files

29 September, 2020 Without fail, in our work day there is a requirement to search for an object or document in M-Files. But not every search has to be done by entering search data manually, we can take advantage of Views within M-Files. To define a View in simple terms, views are used to organize objects in the M-Files vault by the metadata properties of objects. Now instead of entering a manual search for claims or policies created in the week or month, we simply create a view and let the view do its magic. How to create a view: […]

How to create an assignment in M-Files

11 September, 2020 In M-Files assignments can be included in workflows, transferring responsibilities for tasks to the correct person or as an individual request from one colleague to another for something as simple as reviewing or updating a document. HOW TO CREATE AN ASSIGNMENT? We all know that workflow assignments are created within the workflow and are designed according to an organisation’s processes. But how do users create an assignment outside of the organisation’s process within M-Files? Simple, within M-Files highlight the document or object you want to assign your colleague, right click select Create and select Assignment. Fill in the required fields on the […]

Using M-Files Search Function.

“It’s not about where it is, it’s all about what it is”… In the famous words of M-Files. When searching for objects in M-Files it’s always good to keep in mind what you are looking for and where it is located. The search function in M-Files is one of the powerful tools M-Files brings to the table to make the day-to-day activity in M-Files as simple as possible. QUICK SEARCH With “quick” search you can type the name in the search bar of the object you are looking for and locate your object in the search results. What you will notice […]

Tip – How to add a document or object to M-Files Favorite View.

We all have those documents which we constantly need to quickly access or use daily. M-Files has created a view just for you where you can access these documents without a fuss, all you need to do is select the documents you want to access and in their metadata card select the “STAR”. A prompt will appear telling you that the document or object was added to your favorites view select OK. To access or view the document or object in M-Files just select the Favorites tab within M-Files. Should you wish to remove the object or document from your […]

Tip – How to Export Columns in an M-Files view to a CSV Files.

12 August, 2020 In our previous M-Files tips and tricks we mentioned that the columns in a view can be exported to a CSV file, how do you go about this export? Well take a look at the steps below to see how… Once you have your columns selected and the information visible in your view, select File in the top M-Files tool bar, if the tool bar is hidden from your view select the Alt key on your key board to show the tool bar. Then select Export from the drop down. The below view will appear, make sure you select […]

Tip – Inserting Additional Columns Into Your View.

05 August, 2020 Did you know with M-Files you can choose multiple columns to add to your view or views? HOW TO INSERT ADDITIONAL COLUMNS INTO MY VIEW? In a view, simply right click on the column heading area tool bar, where you see the following column titles, “Name” , “Size”, “Score”, “Type”, “Date Created” or “Date Modified”…. Just under your search bar. The Below drop down will appear, select “Choose Columns”, from the drop down tab. A list of column choices become available. Select your column choice(s) by ticking the checkbox next to it and then select OK. The […]

Mobile Signing with M-Files

22 July, 2020. Did you know you can sign and approve a PDF document using the M-Files Mobile App? Yes, M-Files makes it so simple with Mobile Signatures. HOW TO SIGN A PDF DOCUMENT WITH THE M-FILES MOBILE APP. Say for example you have a POD that needs to be signed. 1. Access the POD on your M-Files Mobile App 2. Select the 3 dots of the menu icon for more options POD on your M-Files Mobile App. 3. Select Add Signature 4. You will be required to select the placement area for the signature. 5. Sign on your phone […]

How to convert an existing document in M-Files into a template.

16 July, 2020 There are always easy ways to get things done with M-Files. One of these ways is being able to convert an existing document within M-Files into a template. It is as simple as a click. HOW TO CONVERT AN EXISTING DOCUMENT INTO A TEMPLATE: Locate and select the document that you want to use as a template. On the metadata card, click Add property. A new property field is added to the metadata card Use the drop-down menu to select the property Is template Check the Is template check box. Click Save, to save your changes. The selected document is now a document […]

Tip – M-Files Annotations

06 July, 2020 M-Files has so many amazing features which are not utilize by users, one of these features is Annotations. What is annotation in M-Files? Well it is the ability to make suggested changes to a document without actually editing the original document by adding detachable layers that can also be hidden if need be. The annotations are saved as separate Annotation objects under the main document. HOW TO CREATING A NEW ANNOTATION OBJECT Highlight the document, make sure the M-Files preview tab is selected, right click on the document, select create, and then annotation. This should create a new Annotation […]