Change Control

change controlLet us help you manage change at every level of the supply chain to ensure quality standards and compliance requirements are not affected. Eliminate unnecessary changes and ensure that all changes made are documented, that services are not unnecessarily disrupted and that resources are used efficiently.


  • Manage all related tasks and actions involved in the change process.
  • Automated workflow process assigns necessary reviewers and approvers by predefined rules and automatically notifies them of changes and next steps.
  • Preconfigured forms help automate the collection and tracking of data throughout the change control process, assisting in the classification and prioritization of requests.
  • Link change control records to other quality records, such as CAPAs.
  • Reduce data entry and eliminate the errors common to manually transferring information.
  • Easily search and retrieve documents that can aid in the approvals and decision-making process
  • Enforce a standardized change of control methodology across the enterprise.