Chrometa is designed to work for you… Ensuring you get paid for every minute of your work. No matter where your time is spent – documents, emails, meetings, phone calls…. Chrometa runs in the background and records your billable time. All without the hassle of manual timers and note taking.

Automatically Track Time on Any Device

For Mac and PC watch your mouse, your keyboard, and the apps you use as you work. Chrometa records how long you’re spending on each document, email, website, and more. No timers or stopwatches are required.

Team Time Tracking

Instantly know who’s working on what, and when, within your team.

No more under billing

Make sure everyone’s hard work is fully recognized and paid.

Invoice for your team

With plenty of projects being managed simultaneously, you need to know
where everybody’s time is being spent.

Chrometa Video

View this short video to see how easy time tracking is with Chrometa