Input Management

Input management helps companies optimize their incoming information streams through automation:



Capturing Devises

Electronic Forms

Front End Application

Self- Service Portals

Electronic and Digital Signature

Time Management


Convert Paper to Digital, through scanners and imaging software.

Protect important documents, save office space and have a visible audit trail.

In addition Optical character recognition (OCR) software will convert these digital files to text-searchable PDFs for storage, easy searching, quick retrieval and reliability.


Electronic Forms

Create electronic forms through pre-defined templates, reduce errors and time, allowing users to access and submit predefined forms with controlled quality data that integrates easily into workflow processes whilst reducing costs.

Addition Benefits:

  • Access forms from anywhere
  • Reduce paper
  • Allows sign-off with electronic signature.
  • Track forms for audit trails.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are legally binding, so why not expands the versatility of workflows with Electronic Signatures? State transition can be certified with a username, enabling users to certify, for example, approval of documents, with event logs.


  • Increased Contract Speed
  • Enhanced Security
  • Lower Transaction Cost
Self Service Portal

Self-Service Portals.

Customized Self-service portals, allow you to provide your customers, clients, suppliers and members with a highly personalized intuitive, interactive self-service web application. No Phone calls, No Email requests. By utilising web and mobile channels, you can show your end-users the best way to solve their issues and deliver immediate business value with collaboration tools and convenience.