Operational Efficiency

VM Consulting can identify failures in your processes and provide you with solutions to improve your company’s performance.

The key is to understand that every challenge encountered within your business is actually an opportunity to better operations.

Here at VM Consulting, we have specialized in a number of technologies that will assist your organisation and employees to work smarter, connect, communicate, and co-operate efficiently, improving Operational Efficiency and the overall experience internally and externally, with a digital landscape.

Web based business Applications

As part of the digital enterprise, VM Consulting has a specialist team focused on developing bespoke self- service portals and web-based business applications.

Whether you need a portal for your:

  • Customers 
  • Suppliers
  • Or Employees

Our team believes in obtaining the data from the source and by creating portals where customers, suppliers and employees can become part of the process, is a win for everyone.

Business Process are not perfect

By automating manual processes, organisations can streamline, remove inefficiencies and gain insight into staff activities within the business.

Process automation is now moving leap years ahead by including artificial intelligence into the process to reduce mundane tasks and allowing business to focus on critical key tasks and requirements.

Process automation when done correctly can provide visibility, improve efficiencies and greater control

Information Management

Information management can be broken down into data, content and process.

By creating unique IMS Solutions, VM Consulting is able to provide organisations with visibility across their business, at any time and from anywhere.

Ensuring the right person has access to the right information at the right time is critical, as business are more competitive in today’s digital world.

Document management

Legislation requires content and documents to be stored for a period of time.

By converting documents into digital assets, you can ensure all content is visible when required.

It provides benefits such as:

  • Document security
  • Access control
  • Audit trails
  • Version control
  • Dynamic views
  • Collaboration
  • Streamlined searches and retrieval.

Ensure your quality processes, compliance and certifications.

VM Consulting makes it easy for businesses to improve their quality management processes and meet certification requirements.

Ensuring that products and services offered by your organisation, as well as the means used to achieve them, are consistent, while the organization’s stakeholders work together to improve the company’s processes, products, services, and culture to achieve the long-term success.

  • Incident Management/ SHEQ
  • Corrective Action tracking
  • Risk Registers

Manage your company’s interactions with current and potential customers.

Gain a 360-degree view into customers and leads whether it be managing customer data, content, quotations, lead tracking, activity tracking or contract management.

Deliver a better customer experience, improving business relationships and focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.