Enterprise Information Management

ECM with efficiency and ease of use

The challenge with traditional enterprise content management systems is that they are limited to managing content within one repository. However, a lot of business-critical content is processed in numerous line-of-business applications like in Salesforce CRM and SAP ERP as well as in network folders, SharePoint, email and paper.

M-Files breaks down the data silos and provides a common view to all content across different systems and repositories. No matter where the content is, you can find it, manage it and share it easily with any device.

Information Silo

right information at the right time

Find the right information quickly

When you need content, you’re often left wondering where to find it. Who saved it? Where is it stored – a network folder, SharePoint, Dropbox, or on someone’s desktop? And when you do find the content, how do you know if it’s the latest version?

M-Files organizes content based on what it is rather than where it is. Documents are tagged with automatic or manual metadata tags that describe the content: what is the document type, to which customer and case it relates to, who owns the content and when does it expire. You no longer have to decide the folder to save to, just save the file to M-Files and describe it with metadata. M-Files then dynamically organizes the content and lets users access it always in the right context: by customer, by case, by expiry date, by document owner, or by document type.

Access anytime, anywhere, and with any device

Do you need to approve travel expenses, give comments to a colleague, answer RFPs outside of office hours, or look up customer data on the road? No worries, M-Files lets you manage content anytime, anywhere and with any device. You can even access content offline.





Automate content management

Automatic content management workflows can make your office work much more efficient. M-Files manages the workflows and alerts you when something needs to be done.

These automatic workflows also help you adhere to regulations, standards and compliance requirements in an effortless way. With M-Files doing the work for you, you can focus on growing your business.




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