VM Consulting specializes in bringing together components and ensuring your systems function together creating one unified unit.

We have moved clients from SharePoint to M-Files, integrated M-Files with SAP, Pastel Evolution and a number of other SQL based solutions. As well as implemented custom development with self- service portals integrating directly into M- Files, and automating processes in M-Files that send SMS notifications to customers updating them on the status of their application forms.

With a solution such as M-Files, we are able to provide you with a next generation intelligent information management platform that improves business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration.


M-Files breaks down silos by delivering an in-context experience for accessing and leveraging information that resides in any system and repository, including network folders, SharePoint, file sharing services, ECM systems and Content Services Platforms, CRM, ERP and other business systems and repositories.

Intelligent information management is easy, dynamic and smart, and M-Files is leading the way! Sounds interesting?

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