M-Files Office 365 and SharePoint

The M-Files AI-powered intelligent information management platform simplifies daily work and drives user adoption by enabling access to external repositories and systems from directly within Microsoft Office 365.

M-Files has made significant enhancements to its Microsoft Office 365 solutions. M-Files now seamlessly integrates within the familiar user interfaces of Microsoft SharePoint Online, Outlook and Teams, providing easy access to out-of-the-box document management, compliance and governance features via the user interface.

Document Management Checklist

The reality is that we now live in an era where information enters a company in many different ways and forms.

Why not discover the intelligent approach to reducing paper in the organisation and take control of all content and data.

Take the first step and download our document management checklist and find out if your organisation needs to adopt a document management strategy.

Find The Needle in a Haystack

Today, the problem isn’t a lack of information – in fact it’s the opposite.

We now have to deal with a huge, exponentially expanding amount of information daily.

Take a look this infographic.

M-Files Streamlines HR Processes

M-Files Metadata-driven EIM solutions can be leveraged to improve the management of HR and employee related documents and information by making that information easier to share, find, and secure. These systems can streamline traditionally manual and cumbersome HR processes, thus reducing the risk of human error and ensuring information remains secure, while also allowing the HR team to work more efficiently. This enables HR to focus on managing their company’s most important asset Рits people.

Download M-Files White Paper: Streamlining HR Processes Using Enterprise Information Management and find out in depth how.



eBook Summary

In business, the ability for organizations to effectively harness their information assets results in significant productivity gains, cost savings and meaningful competitive advantages. The ever increasing volume and diversity of businesses content is driving organizations to find easy solutions for better accessing, processing and managing their business-critical documents and data.

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Modern contract management solutions boost productivity and reduce risks by allowing organizations to automate processes and electronically sign documents from any device easily and securely.

Contract Management


HR 5 Ways

Fed up of Filing?

5 Ways HR Can Ditch the Paper & Manage Information Better.

A recent survey carried out by M-Files showed that paper is still a burden for the majority of businesses.

81% of the people surveyed confessed to printing out at least one document a day in the office, with 55% of organisations still using manual, paper-based processes for capturing signatures and approving documents.

Download the ebook and find 5 ways HR can ditch paper.