Intelligent Information Management

A solution such as M-Files offers intelligent information management the way you want it.  Manage information within any system, with any device or platform.

M-Files intelligent information management solution has a unique approach that eliminates information silos by providing quick and easy access to the right data and content from any business system and device.

Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration.

No need to migrate (really!)

What if you didn’t have to migrate anything, or you could migrate when you choose, intelligently, based on user behavior?

You can!

Empower innovation while maximizing existing IT investments

What if it was possible to enable departments and small workgroups to enrich and repurpose information to support new initiatives for specific business needs, such as in legal, accounting and human resources, without disrupting existing systems and processes?

Now it is!

Familiar, unified user experience speeds up adoption

Wouldn’t it be far better if information in multiple systems could be accessed and managed with a single, unified interface that was common and familiar?

It can!