Multiply The Power Of Microsoft 365

With Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, and dozens of other helpful office tools, Microsoft 365 has evolved into the modern must-have productivity suite for the vast majority of organizations worldwide. While Microsoft 365 makes content authoring and collaboration more agile and easier, it’s basically a collection of independent or loosely connected tools. Users often use Microsoft 365 out of the box, hoping to somehow cobble together a useful information management solution.

A knowledge work automation system can integrate with Microsoft 365 to offer improved support for business processes and information governance.

Fingrid uses M-Files’ integration with Microsoft Office applications. For example, discrepancies and certain reports are published directly to the intranet (SharePoint) from M-Files so that they are easily visible to all employees. Users also save time by having direct access to documents from Teams, simultaneously achieving the benefits of collaboration, communication, and document management. Discover more by reading the case study.