M-Files Process Maps

M-Files Process Maps unifies data and processes in a single visual experience.  As rules and regulations grow more complicated and demanding, organizations are
starting to recognize the need for intelligent information management.  The M-Files Process Maps Tool allows organizations to connect data intelligently and displays it in a way that works best with our brains.

Process Maps


Combining the unifying benefits of the M-Files platform with visual process navigation and:

  • Establish and maintain organizational consistency
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Enhance organizational transparency
  • Promote good governance
  • Improve information management


Efficient business processes are made easy.

Day-to-day business and administrative processes take valuable time, money and resources to complete. With M-Files, you can make those processes more efficient – and get back to what your business does best.

Find, organize, track and maintain content of all types with M-Files, the best way for businesses large and small to decrease time and money spent on daily processes and increase their productivity.

M-Files’ family of professional document and enterprise content management solutions is also designed to help organizations:

  • Automate processes
  • Improve quality control
  • Integrate with enterprise-level software
  • Go paperless

Version control, notifications, approval processing and secure access control allow you to easily manage contracts. Manage document review and approval. And that’s just the start.