PaperCut Hive

PaperCut has officially launched PaperCut Hive to the world.

PaperCut Hive makes printing simple with serverless printing all while allowing users to print from any  device to a single print queue and securely release a print job using a mobile phone or the MFP/MFD’s touchscreen.

Keeping data secure for peace-of-mind printing.

PaperCut Hive has security features built in to keep your documents private and on-site. Helping to protect your data before, during, and after printing.

Shrink your environmental footprint and your bills

Giving back to the earth and your printing budget, PaperCut Hive boasts eco-friendly policies perfect for businesses wanting to reduce their environmental impact — so you can reduce paper waste, save on toner/ink, and make sustainable habits the status quo.

Making Printing SIMPLE and SECURE!