Manage and track the important documents, information and processes typical in a legal practice or law firm, with a document management system that is secure, easy to use and affordable.

Supports Legal Document.

Any type of legal document or information is supported including forms, client records, case files, contracts, depositions, resolutions and legal research. In addition, generic business documents associated with the basic day-to-day operations of the practice can be managed and tracked. Emails and integrated scanning with OCR for generating “full-text” searchable PDF files

Always locate the right document instantly.

Once stored in M-Files all documents are indexed and searchable for instant retrieval, and access to the “right” document is assured, due to M-Files integrated version history.

M-Files eliminates the need for chaotic and hard-to-manage Windows folders with a flexible method of classifying and organizing documents by any property or tag, such as client, matter, case, and date.

A secure legal document repository accessible anytime, anywhere.

M-Files provides the ability to easily set up permissions by document to ensure access only by authorized personnel, such as “Visible Only to Partners” or “editable by Management.” M-Files also maintains a complete log and audit trail making it easy to view and verify all document activity.

Benefits With M-Files

  • Matter Centric Storage of documents.
  • Search and retrieve documents instantly.
  • Automated workflow processes for review, approval, retention and disposal of documents.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Case Management.
  • Access matter files anywhere, offline and mobile access.

Take a look at the infographic – 4 Digital Transformation Trends in the Legal Industry, by M-Files.

In this infographic, M-Files covers the top 4 digital transformation challenges facing the legal industry and highlight ways that an information management solution can lead to long-term success.