M-Files Ment


Ment is a next-generation document automation tool. Ment provides the ability to generate complex data-driven documents quickly and consistently. Empowering organizations to digitize and scale their business as well as offering the ability to use automation for internal use and for client-facing services.

VM Consulting is an authorised M-Files Ment reseller.

The Benefits Of M-Files Ment

  • M-Files Ment enables users to add information into an electronic form which gets added to a contract automatically.
  • The final document can be generated directly from client inputs, maintaining strict version control.
  • Clients can receive a link that allows them to easily fill out and submit the questionnaire.
  • The form-intake questionnaire can be restricted to only required inputs.
  • Fixed-fee lawyers are able to delegate first-draft document creation to other employees.
  • By delegating, lawyers can be more responsive to clients, provide superior service, and maximize the bottom line.
  • Lightning-fast software implementation minimizes disruption for the entire team and maximizes more billable work hours.
  • Firms and in-house, freeing up more time for their lawyers to actually interact with clients.
  • Providing automated document templates to clients and stakeholders, creating a closer working relationship by improving internal legal processes.
  • Firms communicate a sense of modernity and forward-thinking to both current and potential clients.

M-Files Ment is a document automation solution that scales new heights in Legal Efficiency.

Download the infographic to view how visual automation can boost scalability.