POPIA – Commencement of latest sections.

What does this actually signify for businesses? 29 July, 2020 Most businesses are aware the presidency has announced as of 1 July 2020, sections 2 to 38; sections 55 to 109; section 111; and section 114 (1), (2) and (3) of POPIA shall commence. These are substantive sections, meaning they define and create rights, duties, obligations, procedures and penalties in regards to the lawful processing of personal information. More specifically, these sections of POPIA include the following: The conditions for the lawful processing of personal information. The regulation of the processing of special personal information. Codes of conduct issued by […]

Mobile Signing with M-Files

22 July, 2020. Did you know you can sign and approve a PDF document using the M-Files Mobile App? Yes, M-Files makes it so simple with Mobile Signatures. HOW TO SIGN A PDF DOCUMENT WITH THE M-FILES MOBILE APP. Say for example you have a POD that needs to be signed. Access the POD on your M-Files Mobile App. Select the 3 dots of the menu icon for more options. Select Add Signature You will be required to select the placement area for the signature. Sign on your phone screen adjust the signature size, and once you are happy select […]

How to convert an existing document in M-Files into a template.

16 July, 2020 There are always easy ways to get things done with M-Files. One of these ways is being able to convert an existing document within M-Files into a template. It is as simple as a click. HOW TO CONVERT AN EXISTING DOCUMENT INTO A TEMPLATE: Locate and select the document that you want to use as a template. On the metadata card, click Add property. A new property field is added to the metadata card Use the drop-down menu to select the property Is template Check the Is template check box. Click Save, to save your changes. The selected document is now a document […]

Tip – M-Files Annotations

06 July, 2020 M-Files has so many amazing features which are not utilize by users, one of these features is Annotations. What is annotation in M-Files? Well it is the ability to make suggested changes to a document without actually editing the original document by adding detachable layers that can also be hidden if need be. The annotations are saved as separate Annotation objects under the main document. HOW TO CREATING A NEW ANNOTATION OBJECT Highlight the document, make sure the M-Files preview tab is selected, right click on the document, select create, and then annotation. This should create a new Annotation […]

The Batch Scanning Dilemma.

1 July, 2020 Manual documents getting you down? So you have lots of documents that need to be scanned, but you do not feel like scanning one at a time into your document management system. These documents could be application forms, credit applications, on-boarding documents or check lists – the list is endless. But let’s face it some businesses are still very paper intensive. How do we get these documents efficiently into our document management solution? How can we process the information into our line of business systems? We have the answer… It could be fully automated or partially automated, […]

How will process automation help my business?

23 June, 2020 I have had the privilege of working with some of the largest corporate’s in South Africa, as well as some small family businesses, and I have to say the world of process is one that fascinates me. I love seeing the impact of processes on a business and how the smallest change can have the biggest impact. Now more than ever, we need to question our processes, look at them closely and ask some serious questions about why we do certain things the way we do. Technology is one of the greatest assets for process automation, and […]

Tip – Clearing M-Files Local Cache

19 June, 2020 Every now and again you may be required to clear your M-Files local cache, due to an object referencing issue. M-Files has made this process easy for you with the following simple steps: HOW TO CLEAR THE LOCAL CACHE Save and close all M-Files objects and documents. Press Alt key while on the M-Files desktop user interface than click Settings – Clear Local Cache. The below window will pop-up, select the temporary local files that you want to delete and click Delete or Delete All, to delete all temporary local files in the vault. Click finish once done, and you may continue […]

Are your documents and information safe in this new normal?

10 June, 2020 So, as we all settle in to the “New Normal” and embrace various states of remote working and office working, we need to keep an eye on the safety and security of our documents, content and information. Let’s face it, every business has documents, content and information and the way we store this information is critical to ensure the success of a business. Most issues arise when you cannot find that one document or email! A client doesn’t want to pay an invoice, as someone promised in an email months ago that the client could have some […]

Tip – Missing M-Files Add-In on Outlook.

With a few clicks you can save an email from outlook to M-Files, however what do you do when for reasons you cannot explain there is no M-Files add-in showing on your Outlook? The add-in will remain active until Outlook decides to disable it. The email client will disable the add-in’s to make things go a little faster for you, if it notices that the client is slowing down. HOW TO ADD THE M-FILES ADD-IN On the outlook ribbon, start by clicking on ‘File’ Under the heading ‘Account information’ locate and click on ‘Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins’ All you […]

Tip – Current session no longer valid.

27 May, 2020 When the work day starts, setting yourself up with what you will need is the norm. But what happens when you open your M-Files and you’re staring eye to eye with an M-Files session error. Yes, you can panic for a quick moment, however the “M-Files session error” only means you have been idle on M-Files for too long and M-Files wants you to log in again.   HOW TO LOG OUT WHEN YOU HAVE A SESSION ERROR: Open the Taskbar hidden icons and locate the M-Files icon. Click on the M-Files icon and the log out […]