VMC Digital HR

No matter what size a company is efficiently managing employee records and the onboarding process is a challenge.

Let’s not disregard the fact that, HR teams typically generate and receive a significant volume of records. And because the laws are complex and demanding, employers struggle with ways to effectively secure and manage all this information.

We help give organizations clear visibility into employee data and automate processes making not only employee onboarding simple, but the following processes as well:

  • Change Requests
  • Employee assets management
  • Training management and training approvals
  • Disciplinaries and employee relations matters
  • Terminations


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  • Lack of visibility into employee records.
  • Inefficient employee onboarding
  • Content sprawl.
  • Content chaos.
  • Risk of the information landing in the wrong hands.
  • Working across multiple systems.
  • Time wasted trying to find relevant documents and information.
  • Lack of records retention controls
  • Frustration with outdated processes and systems.


  • A 360-degree view of employee records.
  • Manage and track employee onboarding with automated processes, saving HR time.
  • Store documents and information securely- visible in one location.
  • Enhanced visibility into data and processes. Mitigate risk and ensure industry compliance, including POPI Compliance, with efficient retention and destruction of employee data