M-Files for Project Control

Cut your project costs and deliver on expectations

Planning, organizing and managing project resources and processes can be daunting and overwhelming. With M-Files, it’s easy to define simple rules for content visibility, task deadlines and ownership – which is why M-Files for Project Control is one of the most prevalent M-Files customer use cases.

Supporting the entire project lifecycle from initiation to closeout.

One place for all project documents

Optimize project planning, execution and delivery with improved document management. Access the most recent document version, when and where they are needed.

Increased Quality and Decreased Risk

Automated features ensure that business processes run more efficiently and with less human error. Thus increasing quality and consistency throughout the organization.

Expedited project Lifecycles.

No more delays or penalties due to poor document management. Automate processes for setting up project documents, compiling information about document statuses, and closing out projects