M-Files for Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading CRM solution and M-Files is leading information management and content management solution.

By integrating both solutions you can make Salesforce your single source of truth.

M-Files and Salesforce

Integrate key documents with Customers, Leads and Opportunities

M-Files for Salesforce allows you to manage your documents in the same view as your customer and other business data providing one view to all relevant information.

Manage and Access documents & content in M-Files and other systems directly from within Salesforce.

Create offers, proposals & sales agreements using official templates & have them reviewed and approved with automated workflows.

Manage contracts by creating a contract from a template and multiple documents, through the commenting rounds, to approval and storage.

Streamline sales processes



Cost Effective


Download the brochure – M-Files and Salesforce Achieve a New Level of Transparency Connecting Customers and Content for a 360° View.