Debt Collections

Turn paper to paperless in debt collections using document management. M-Files for debtor management provides advanced features that effectively manages all documents, emails, faxes, and electronic files in the collections agency or department.

M-Files event log, search capabilities and permission control features ensures reliability, comprehensiveness, authenticity, integrity, traceability and accessibility of information and documents. Playing an important part in compliance and meeting audit requirements.

Debtor Management mbox

Find what you need instantly

Real-time search-speed, provides on-demand access to client records, invoices, and statements. Debtor disputes are handled on-the-fly, and recoveries are accelerated.

Make your business audit-proof.

Effective document control makes sure that records of every invoice generated and bill paid is digitally filed and available for future audits, customer/vendor questions, and compliance.

360 degree visibility into clients and debtors records.

Users have instant access to view all source documents and client files.

User friendly interface

No stiff learning curve for their staff.