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M-Files is one simple, yet powerful solution for all your HR processes!

Companies of every size face challenges related to developing and managing human resources, and specifically, how to efficiently manage employee records and the onboarding process.

To compound this challenge, HR teams typically generate and receive a significant volume of records. And because the laws are complex and demanding, employers struggle with ways to effectively secure and manage all this information.

Today, it is not uncommon for organizations to resort to inefficient and often manual methods, including paper, email and network folders. Even organizations with a dedicated human resource management or information system (HRMS/HRIS), experience gaps in functionality or severe limitations when it comes to effective records management.

In the end, employee data and related workflows become siloed, resulting in not only dramatic productivity loss and frustrated employees, but also, significant legal and financial risks.



Visibility and Control: Employee-related documentation is often scattered throughout the organization, in email,   in folders on shared network drives, and in other repositories or information silos. M-Files  consolidates employee-related information in a central location, either  in the cloud or on-premises, providing visibility, control and efficient processing of employee documents and records.


Efficiency and Automation: HR processes are often still manual, making them time-consuming and error prone. M-Files  saves time and reduces errors and compliance risk by automating the management of HR documentation and related processes with easy to use templates, assignments and workflows with integrated notifications.


Compliance and Security: M-Files  ensures employee records are secured and retained in accordance with government regulations and company policies, M-Files  maintains a full version history and audit log for compliance support.

Automatic permissions ensure that only authorized users have access to confidential employee documents and information. Permissions can be automatically controlled on an individual basis, or by pre-defined groups, including Active Directory support.

Connect to existing HR management systems: M-Files  integrates with existing systems such as Workday, PeopleSoft and others, even custom systems and databases developed in-house.

M-Files  is built on an architecture designed to easily connect with other systems and databases to provide an “in context” 360° view of documents and other information right when they’re needed.

M-Files Streamlines HR Processes

M-Files Metadata-driven EIM solutions can be leveraged to improve the management of HR and employee related documents and information by making that information easier to share, find, and secure. These systems can streamline traditionally manual and cumbersome HR processes, thus reducing the risk of human error and ensuring information remains secure, while also allowing the HR team to work more efficiently. This enables HR to focus on managing their company’s most important asset – its people.

Download M-Files White Paper: Streamlining HR Processes Using Enterprise Information Management and find out in depth how.




HR 5 Ways

Fed up of Filing?

5 Ways HR Can Ditch the Paper & Manage Information Better.

A recent survey carried out by M-Files showed that paper is still a burden for the majority of businesses.

81% of the people surveyed confessed to printing out at least one document a day in the office, with 55% of organisations still using manual, paper-based processes for capturing signatures and approving documents.

Download the ebook and find 5 ways HR can ditch paper.

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